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Villa Sogara


Welcome to the fascinating historic mansion “Villa Sogara”, a shelter of peace and harmony set between the green hills of the wonderful Marcellise valley, just 6 miles from the beautiful city of Verona.

In this pages you will find all the information regarding the house, its living characteristics, its ancient history, its most notable visitors and the pleasantly relaxing natural environment that surrounds it.


Mappa Sogara


Destination Distance (km) Time
Verona 10 11m
Lago di Garda 39 23m
Vicenza 49 30m
Mantova 56 34m
Padova 76 43m
Venezia 111 1h07m
Bologna 152 1h28m
Ferrara 111 1h38m
Milano 170 1h41m
Lido di Jesolo 147 1h43m
Lago di Como 167 1h49m
Merano 190 1h58m
Ravenna 230 2h11m
Lugano (CH) 238 2h15m
Firenze 241 2h20m
Innsbruck (A) 283 2h40m
Portofino 315 3h09m
Rosenheim (D) 387 3h37m
Sankt Moritz (CH) 277 3h55m
München (D) 444 4h10m
Liechtenstein (FL) 406 4h13m
Salzburg (A) 465 4h19m
Montecarlo (MC) 462 4h30m
Roma 517 4h53m
Graz (A) 510 5h04m
Wien (A) 692 6h48m

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